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The Dodd family brand is designed for clarity of communication and consistency within departments. Bold colors and photographs are set on simple and clean backdrops that create high contrast and a visually arresting message. Typography follows the same principles - an aggressive logo typeface is paired with a restrained and functional brother.

Contrast, when managed respectfully, creates interest. Aggression and weight are used intelligently to maximize their impact. All aspects of design function more efficiently when priority is given to functional minimalism.

The Dodd family brand is one of quality and consistency. Both should be respected within the brand’s design.

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We technically make use of two typefaces within the Dodd brand - Serpentine (only in bold italic) and Open Sans.

Serpentine is an aggressive display font featured predominately in the Dodd logos. Open Sans is the workhorse typeface of the brand - an open-source, free to download sans serif with high clarity and a modern personality. You can download Open Sans here or on its Google Fonts page.

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Color Theory

Color exists as an essential part of the Dodd brand. The essential palette, consisting of Dodd Red, Reel Green and Tyler Blue, was chosen to stand on its own - bold colors that capture attention and refuse to be mistaken. None of the colors should ever be changed, altered, or guessed at - many different methods of identification have been listed here in order to maintain consistency.

A .pdf file with descriptions (RGB, CMYK, hex values) of these colors is available here as well as an Adobe color palette for use within the Adobe Creative Suite.

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Many different variations of the Dodd family of logos have been used in the past. While efforts are being made to expand the brand and become more versatile, there is one logo for each company that works as the flagship indicator of each company.

These logos were created with the other companies in mind - each diamond shape is exactly the same size and shape in order to create a continuum across the family of companies. These logos feature the brand colors detailed earlier in this book and should never be altered - purity of color is essential to a strong message.

Vector files has been provided to prevent any distortion or corruption with the images.

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