Reel Video Systems
Touring LED
Custom LED Frame System

RVS frames use the same indoor/outdoor rated 12 mm pixel pitch LED product to display brilliant video in almost any configuration imaginable. The new frame system has already spent time on show site, providing LED video support for the 2012 Indianapolis 500 victory Celebration, Firefly and Forecastle music festivals, and the Chobani Olympic Community Celebration, and the USA Olympic Swimming Trials to name a few.

Pixel Pitch 12 mm
Pixel Density (pixels/m2) 6400 pixels
Module Dimensions (L) 1000mm x (H) 75mm X (D) 33mm Fully Rigged
Brightness Outdoor Setting: 6500 Nits Calibrated
Indoor Setting: 1800 Nits Calibrated
Typical Power Consumption Outdoor Setting: 200 Watts/m2
Indoor Setting: 60 Watts/m2
Max Power Consumption Outdoor Setting: 530 Watts/m2
Indoor Setting: 160 Watts/m2
LED Configuration RGB 3-in-1 SMD
Viewing Angles 120° Horizontal and 120° Vertical (@-3dB)
Weight 19 kg/m2 (42 lbs/m2) Fully Rigged
Color Processing 16 bit per color
Refresh Rate 60 frames/second
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C ambient, plus full solar load